The Ultimate
Maine Black Bear Hunting Experience

At North Country Lodge your hunt will include:

  • Deluxe accommodations in a fully equipped modern hunting lodge.
  • Six days of hunting, Seven nights of lodging.
  • Three complete meals per day-home cooking and all you can eat.
  • Daily room cleaning service.
  • Full guide service.
  • All baiting and preparation of your hunt.
  • Transportation each day to and from the hunting grounds.
  • Tracking and recovering of your game.
  • Dressing, skinning, boning and care of your meat.

Before you choose compare these features with the competition. Over 75% of our hunters are return clients. Don’t settle for less than the best.

To say that the Maine Black Bear is a formidable trophy animal would be an understatement at best. Black Bears have the strength of 5 men, the speed of a quarter horse and hearing that can pick up the click of a rifle hammer being cocked at 50 yards. Whether you see one crossing the hardwood ridge or lurking in the shadows of some dismal swamp, the hairs on the back of your neck will surely stand up, for he is an awesome creature.

At North Country Lodge we use the time proven method of hunting from tree stands over baited areas. The stands are 13′ high and positioned for either right or left handed shooters with rifle or bow. We begin baiting operations well in advance of the season. We also maintain enough active stands so that a Black Bear hunter can be moved from one stand to another if necessary to improve his chances of a score. We leave for the hunting areas directly after lunch and hunt until dark. The largest percentage of Black Bears are taken during the hours before sunset.

The Black Bear is an extremely tough animal. A well place round from a 30 cal. rifle will do the job. However, large caliber’s are generally recommended. For Black powder hunters, we would recommend 45 to 50 caliber. Camo or drab colored clothing is a must for Maine Black Bear hunting. A flashlight is also a necessity and a good Black Bear hunter always carries a compass.

North Country Lodge - Black Bear Hunting in Maine

Our season for hunting Black Bear in Maine over bait begins in September. We lease approximately 150 hunting sites on 600 square miles of prime Maine Black Bear hunting country. In this way we can assure that you will be hunting over an active bait regardless of which week you choose to hunt. Over the past several years, Northern Maine has enjoyed an ever increasing Black Bear population.

As you may know, the state conservatively estimates the Maine Black Bear population to be in excess of 30,000 bears, the largest concentration being in Aroostook County, the area in which we hunt. Our tree stands are constructed with both safety and comfort in mind. They have been located with great care to afford you the very best concealment possible.

Our Maine Black Bear hunting package offers preparation of hide for trophy mounting, and care of meat. If you wound your Black Bear and he runs we will track him for you. Also included are all your meals, “home cooked and all you can eat”, room cleaning service, transportation to and from your hunting site, and the friendly and warm hospitality of our hunting lodge.

So, set aside a week in your busy schedule and enjoy the wonderful experience of Maine Black Bear hunting with us at North Country Lodge.

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