Maine Moose Roll-ups

2 lbs. moose round steak

1 large onion, diced

1 lb. bacon, lean

garlic salt

oregano or sweet basil

2 cans mushroom, 4 oz. each

quick mixing flour

Cut moose steak into pieces approximately 4″ X 3″.¬† Hammer the pieces until the size is approximately 6″ X 4″.¬† Layer the diced onion and one strip of uncooked bacon in the middle of each piece of meat.¬† Sprinkle garlic salt and oregano or sweet basil sparingly on top of the bacon¬† Roll each piece into a bundle and secure with twine.¬† Brown each bundle in frying pan and then place in a Dutch Oven.¬† Add 3/4 c. water to the frying pan and scrape pan.¬† Then pour the contents over the meat in the Dutch Oven.¬† Simmer covered for about 3 hours,¬† adding water a necessary.¬† Remove the meat to a pre-heated platter.¬† Add mushrooms and quick-mixing flour to the Dutch Oven to thicken the juice.¬† Ladle the gravy over the meat and serve with wild rice.¬† Serves 4

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