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The Black Bear is a formidable trophy animal. Saying otherwise would be an understatement at best. Black Bears have the strength of five men, the speed of a quarter horse, hearing that can pick up the click of a rifle hammer being cocked at 50 yards, and a nose more sensitive than a bomb sniffing German Shepherd.

Whether you see one crossing the hardwood ridge or lurking in the shadows of some deep dark swamp, the hairs on the back of your neck will surely stand up, for he is an awesome creature and a challenge to hunt.

Bear hunts at North Country Lodge are “Full Service” and include full guide service, excellent meals & accommodations, transportation to & from the field, and trophy care.

Over 75% of our hunters are return clients.
Compare us, and don’t settle for less.

For 19 years, I’ve had the best time at the best place in Maine to bear hunt! When I first came to NCL to bear hunt I was not sure of this new adventure. I must say the Goodman family couldn’t have made me feel more at ease. The lodging and food are great and they put a lot of time and energy into making the bear hunt a great experience! Nineteen years and more to go! Thank you for all you guys do!

Kim Spade

 Guided Bear with hounds – $3,850

New this year we are offering an opportunity to hunt bear with a team of hounds.  Hound hunting is fast pace, exciting and not only offers an opportunity for harvesting a larger than average bear, but you will have higher success rate.  This package allows for 3 days of hunting, up to 6 days lodging and meals.  Add a non hunting observer for $950.00.  Currently open for weeks September 29th- October 6th and  October 6th-13th, 2024

 Guided Bear over bait – $2,850

Maine bear hunting

The Maine Black Bear hunting package at North Country Lodge is fully guided. We strive to make your hunt a successful and enjoyable one. Once you arrive, you leave the details to us.

North Country Lodge hunters use the time proven method of hunting from stands over baited areas. Our guides begin operations well in advance of the season – preparing shooting lanes, stands, blinds and baiting.

We leave for the hunting areas directly after lunch and hunt until dark. The largest percentage of Black Bear are taken during the few hours before sunset.

We transport you to and from your hunting site in an air-conditioned vehicle – no getting lost, no breaking down or blowing your tires on rough remote logging roads. There is no need for you to have a 4×4, and if you fly to Maine, you can save by renting an economy vehicle.

Your guide will remain in the area, listening for your shot. You can also call or text him at any time. Although we are in very remote forests, we are fortunate to have Cell Phone coverage in our hunting area.

Your bear hunt includes:

1) Full Guide Service

  • Five days of Bear hunting
  • Advance preparation of stands for your hunt
  • Advance and active bear baiting for your stand
  • Full briefing about the hunt, and about your specific stand
  • Transportation each day to and from the hunting grounds
  • Ready access to your guide by cell phone if needed before pick-up time
  • Tracking and recovering of your game
  • Dressing, skinning, measuring, boning and care of your meat and trophy hide

2) Deluxe accommodations in a fully equipped modern hunting lodge

At North Country Lodge you will enjoy the warm hospitality of our hunting lodge and the camaraderie of fellow hunters. All your meals are served “home cooked and all you can eat.” Rooms are cleaned daily.

  • Six Nights of lodging
  • Daily room cleaning service
  • Three complete meals a day.
  • WIFI and Cell service

“I sincerely thank you for a wonderful week of hunting, and being spoiled! Superlatives which come to mind would not do justice to describe the quality of the experience that I had at North Country Lodge. You certainly do everything in your power to assure your clients of a successful and refreshing week in the wilderness of Maine.”

David R. Myers

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Click here to obtain a Maine Hunting License online. Licenses are also available at many locations on your way here.

Bear Hunting Season

Black Bear hunting in Maine begins in late August and runs for four weeks. We hunt on 600 square miles of prime Black Bear habitat. We can assure that you will be hunting over an active site regardless of which week you choose to hunt.

Seasons for 2024 are:

  • August 25th to August 31st (Check in on Sunday, August 25, Depart Saturday, 31st)
  • September 1st to 7th (Check in on Sunday, September 1, Depart Saturday, September 7)
  • September 8th to 14th (Check in on Sunday, September 8, Depart Saturday, September 14)
  • September 15th to 21st (Check in on Sunday, September 15, Depart Saturday, September 21)

Question: Which hunting week is best?

Answer: The one that fits your schedule best! Although weather can play a major factor, bear are actively wandering and feeding during the full season. Each North Country Lodge hunter will be hunting on an actively visited site – regardless whether during the first week or the last. Massive trophies are taken during all four weeks.

So, come hunt when it is best for you! First week or last week, we’re here to guide you on a fantastic hunt.

Maine’s Bear population

maine black bear hunting

Northern Maine has enjoyed an ever increasing Black Bear population. The largest concentration is in Aroostook County, the area in which we hunt.

Maine’s bear biologists conservatively estimate the Black Bear population to be in excess of 35,000 bears – and it continues to grow due to an impressive game management program.

Your Hunting Stand

Unlike many outfitters who have limited resources, North Country Lodge maintains many more active stands than we have hunters. This allows your guide to move you from one stand to another if necessary to improve your chances of a score.

Each North Country Lodge guide will assure every hunter a fresh opportunity at a trophy regardless of when you choose to book your hunt.

Our tree stands are constructed with both safety and comfort in mind. They have been located with great care to afford you the very best concealment possible. You will be on a stand that we can guarantee has active bear visitation.

Tree stands are typically 14’ high, and are constructed with a strong steel frame to assure your safety, with camo covers. Ground blinds can accommodate one or two hunters. Stands are positioned for either right or left handed shooters with rifle, handgun, crossbow or bow.

Bear Hunting Weapons

A Black Bear is an extremely tough animal. Accuracy and shot placement is crucial no matter what weapon you choose.

Rifle hunters will be shooting up to 50 yards. Handgun and bow hunters will be at 20 yards or less. Scope users must set magnification low (1.5x to 4x) for optimum sighting at close range.

  • Rifle – A well place round from a 30 cal. rifle will do the job. However, large calibers are generally recommended.
  • Black Powder/Muzzleloaders – we recommend 50 caliber.
  • Handguns – hunters typically use a 44 or 500 magnums.
  • Bows and crossbows – These are also very popular, with 7/8 inch broadheads being the minimum size.

Firearm and archery ranges are located at the lodge for double checking and fine tuning your sights before and during your hunt.

Careful Trophy Preparation

Trophy care begins when you shoot. Rarely does a bear drop in its tracks. They are very hardy beasts. Your guide will be there to go into action when your black bear runs. Your guide will track and retrieve him for you. This is an exciting part of the hunt, and you will be a participant!

Back at the Lodge, your guide will skin and prepare the hide for trophy mounting, taking full measurements for your taxidermist. Then the meat will be deboned, sectioned and frozen for your trip home.

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Set aside a week in your busy schedule to enjoy the wonderful experience of hunting Maine Black Bear at North Country Lodge. We look forward to your visit.

What a great week my son Jake and I had. Your facilities are fantastic and better than described in your brochure and video. The guide was fantastic – Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. We could tell he wants the trip to be enjoyable no matter the outcome. I was lucky to spend time recovering the meat the one day and tracking a bear another. It added to the experience. Finally, the food was fantastic. Couldn’t ask for anything more there.

Kurt Schuler

Check out a few Bear Hunting photos below.

Plus lots more bear photos on our Bear Hunting Galleries page.


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