Hunter Testimonials

Some notes from recent hunters.

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful hospitality I received at the North Country Lodge. You have a truly blessed family, and a wonderful bear hunt…We roasted a Bear Roast Wednesday and it was good! I am still so happy about my hunt. To the girls in the kitchen, I love ya’ll for all you did to make my vacation the best. I’ve made new friends and we will be back. I thank you for making my dream come true.

Teresa from Texas

I just wanted to thank everyone at North Country Lodge for a great time. Your lodge and services are second to none. I also want to thank my guide for all he did for us. He is a credit to his profession.

Bill Riegle

I can’t begin to thank you for the generous hospitality at the lodge during my first bear hunt. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the beautiful atmosphere, and the time with you and your family. I can’t say enough about the lodge and the hunting operation. It was unbelievable. I thank you for this great opportunity to get up there to hunt, and certainly felt like one of the family, and one of the team. I can’t hardly wait to book a trip up there again.

Bobby Kramer

This week was a new adventure for us! We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful experience. We will take home a piece of the spirit of North Country Lodge, and always (will) remember our first bear hunt. The hospitality, food, people and atmosphere were all just perfect!

Bob and Stacy

We cannot thank all of your guys enough for the incredible hunt and accommodations. You guys are truly FIRST CLASS. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived, but you made it very easy to fall right in place.

Brian Fleece

I sincerely thank you for a wonderful week of hunting, and being spoiled! Superlatives which come to mind would not do justice to describe the quality of the experience that I had at North Country Lodge. You certainly do everything in your power to assure your clients of a successful and refreshing week in the wilderness of Maine.

David R. Myers

We thank everyone at North Country Lodge. The food was unbelievable, accommodations were great, and the hunt was awesome! We thank the ladies in the kitchen for their prepared food, for cleaning up after us, and the guides for the great hunt and hospitality! We will definitely be back in the near future!

Sam Pflugh and Luke Meeder

Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time at your lodge. As always, the meals were great. Perhaps only outdone by your hospitality.

Mike F.

I just had to write to say how great of a time I had last week! Can’t wait to come back! I felt at home the entire time. It was the best time I’d had in a long time, and I made two great new friends.

Brad Autwarter

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone at North Country Lodge for my 15 years of wonderful adventures. I started just wanting to take a once in a life time black bear hunt, but after my first trip it quickly became a yearly event. I look forward each year to my visit with my North Country family. From the accommodations, to the food, and the hunt guides that have help me hunt 11 bears in 15 years with this past year being a record winner ,this is the whole package all wrapped up in smiling faces and warm welcomes. All ready looking forward to year number 16.

Kenneth Gent, 2018

If someone would’ve told me 19 years ago I would be bear hunting in Maine, I would’ve said “you’re crazy”! Well, I must say for 19 years I’ve had the best time at the best place in Maine to bear hunt! When I first came to NCL to bear hunt I was not sure of this new adventure. I must say the Goodman family couldn’t have made me feel more at ease. The lodging and food are great and they put a lot of time and energy into making the bear hunt a great experience! Nineteen years and more to go! Thank you for all you guys do!

Kim Spade, 2018

I have either hunted or fished with the Goodman family at North Country or Flint River since the late eighties or early nineties back in their early years. I can’t express what a blessing it was to have hooked up with this fine group of sportsmen, willing to share their knowledge as well as skills that will get you closer to your trophy. My wife and I regard them an extended family and when I go up for the fall bear hunt it’s just like going home.

Dennis Nail, 2018

The lodging, food, and fellowship are top notch. You will not meet a finer family owned business that will do all in their power to make your experience one that will last a lifetime. This is a hunting lodge, not a killing lodge. The guys give you all the information it takes while you are in your stand to get close to that trophy. A real hunter knows weather and the animal’s nature have to play along in order for that quarry to step into range. If all is right, you will be hauling some extra home in your cooler and a trophy for the wall. If not, you have an experience you can hang on the trophy room of your heart that will never go away.

Dennis Nail, 2018

Looking for a team that does everything for you except eat your meals and pull the trigger, go to North Country.

Dennis Nail, 2018

What a great week my son Jake and I had. Your facilities are fantastic and better than described in your brochure and video. The guide was fantastic – Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. We both took away some of his advice that we will use when we hunt at home. We could tell he enjoys the time in the woods and definitely wants to get bears, but more importantly wants the trip to be enjoyable no matter the outcome. I was lucky to spend time recovering the meat the one day and tracking the wounded archery bear another. It added to the experience. Finally, the food was fantastic. Couldn’t ask for anything more there. I have already told some friends about the place and several are thinking about booking a trip.

Kurt Schuler, 2013

I would like to thank you and the people at North Country Lodge for such an enjoyable weekend. It has been 40 years since I have hunted grouse with the level of excitement of having an abundance of grouse and woodcock in the woods. I was always on red alert for the next bird to flush. The habitat and weather was perfect hunting conditions. I also enjoyed the scenery, foliage the moose sightings, let’s not forget the outstanding meals or the conversation with Mr. Goodman. And the laughs that came too. It was an exciting but yet relaxing trip. I will remember for a long time. I need to and hope to schedule another trip soon. Thanks again.

Steve C., 2017

Hunting grouse and woodcock at North Country Lodge was a pleasurable experience. The cover was superb and the bird numbers were in abundant. Our guide was very knowledgeable on the area where we hunted. My hunting dogs, Gus and Rudy also enjoyed the trip to Maine and working in great cover. The lodge itself was wonderful, very cozy and felt like home away from home. Food was fabulous, all home cooked meals. Highly recommend North Country Lodge in Patten, Maine.

Bob P., Taunton, MA, 2017

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