Maine Moose Hunts

Northern Maine’s vast forest has evolved into the ideal habitat for the largest member of the deer family, the Moose. Maine boasts one of the largest Moose populations in the lower 48 states, providing hunters a wonderful opportunity to bag that once in a lifetime trophy bull.

Without question, the Moose is the most majestic of all North American big game animals. The Moose fears no other animal and even looks upon man with disdain.

Success for Moose hunters statewide consistently ranges over 80%. A large Bull Moose can weigh 1500 lbs and stand 7ft at the shoulder.

Moose Hunting Season

Maine has increased the hunting season to three weeks due to the ever increasing moose population. The season dates vary, but are typically:

  • The last week of September
  • The second week of October
  • The first week of November

A hunt of a lifetime

We offer a first class experience which includes your lodging, meals, daily housekeeping and an experienced guide. Hunting for moose in Maine is a once in a lifetime experience we are able to offer you the opportunity to bid your own Moose tag, which is typically won through a lottery system and can take years for even a Maine resident to get.  The average bid for a Moose tag is $24,000-$27,000, please call us for more information. We currently have a Bull Moose tag available for week September 26th-October 1st, for zone 5. This is prime rut for the bull moose and an excellent week for the hunt.  Included are multiple experienced guides & extensive scouting beforehand,  private lodging, meals,  transportation for the hunt, 7 nights of lodging, 6 days of hunting, recovery, field dressing and transportation to butcher and taxidermist.

Moose lottery winners 

We are located in zones 5, 6, 10 & 11.

We offer fully guided hunts & lodging for $4,000 which includes 7 nights lodging, 6 day hunt for yourself and subpermitee. Included: All meals, lodging, experienced guide, daily housekeeping, transportation to hunt, recovery and transportation to meat processing and taxidermist.

Non-Guided lodging is available for two for $2,000 which includes your meals, lodging, daily housekeeping for 7 nights and 6 day hunt.

Moose Hunting Permits

Permits are issued by lottery draw.

Click HERE to get your Moose application online.

North Country Lodge - Moose Hunting in Maine

Looking for a team that does everything for you except eat your meals and pull the trigger, go to North Country.

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